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Delmonico Grill in Rapid City, South Dakota is the best fine dining steakhouse restaurant in Rapid City and arguably the Black Hills of South Dakota.


We offer a fine dining experience, exceptional atmosphere, and outstanding service. As a steakhouse, we strive for high-quality proteins, as locally sourced as possible and use classic techniques such as in-house dry aging and a wood-fire grill to bring exceptional grill fare to your plate.


We also offer seasonal fare utilizing classic and modern techniques. Chef/Owner Benjamin Klinkel and his talented staff take advantage of the seasonal produce available in the Black Hills and the ability to acquire the freshest of seafood arriving daily to keep the menu fun, fresh and innovative. Make your reservation today!



Delmonico Grill was established in 2007 by popular, local Chef Pete Franklin, who built a reputation for great steaks, seafood and wine in a Jazzy comfortable setting. Classics such as the "On Green Dolphin St." and the "Kona" ribeye made permanent homes for themselves on the menu as well as the "Bourbon Sweet-potato Mash" and the "French Onion Soup."


When Pete was called to move on to new endeavors, he couldn't bear to see the place close, so he called on a friend, neighbor, and local chef Benjamin Klinkel to take the baton. Benjamin always has a vision and a desire to see things for what they can be and has since implemented a new style and flavor all his own.


Paying homage to the classics that made Delmonico the successful steakhouse it is today and bringing new life and vibrancy to the dining room and the kitchen with the help of a young talented staff of chefs, managers and servers eager to show what they can do with the grand scope of available wine and cuisine offerings both worldwide and right here at home. We hope you enjoy our passion.


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