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Where the slow food movement is revitalized, a true grill experience begins. Delmonico Grill in Rapid City, South Dakota offers a fine dining experience, exceptional atmosphere and outstanding service. Make your reservation today!


Delmonico is already a prominent “Steakhouse,” but I believe that “Steakhouses,” as people become more conscious of their diet are going to be leaning towards a menu that incorporates more responsibly chosen products. I believe Steakhouses will be populating their menus with sustainable products. Sustainability is key in offering a consistent and high quality dining experience.

We really want to emphasize our use of the grill for more than just big ole slabs of steak (which we will still have by the way). We want to be proud of the beef we’re serving from where it comes from to how it’s prepared. That’s important to the overall vision of our restaurant. We still have other types of meats and vegetables that are cooked on the grill, we’re simply adding a menu that makes it possible for people to eat the way that they should; with a 5% animal protein intake and the rest whole food and plant based.

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We welcome any questions that you may have. If you would like to contact us by email or telephone directly, feel free to do so through any method below. We can also take your reservation online or by telephone.

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